Are you TIRED of not knowing where your next patients will come from each month?

You’re not alone…

There are MANY Doctors who think and wonder about this ALL the time. Unfortunately, they sit in front of their computers wondering when they’ll have that PREDICTABLE and steady stream of patients coming in.

But because they are BUSY running their BUSY practice(s) they haven’t figured out HOW to do this…

So they become FRUSTRATED…

This FRUSTRATION comes out in DIFFERENT ways…

Like family time…

They stop spending time with their SPOUSE and KIDS…

And, they see the FRUSTRATION and SADNESS on their kid’s faces when they miss that ballet recital or that baseball tryout because they work way too much…

Do you know someone like this?

This is just like one of my clients, Dr. Andrea (her video testimonial is under the “Client Testimonials” tab).

When she 1st came to me, she was FRUSTRATED for such a long time because she was missing a piece to her practice.

She had built a successful practice of 20 yrs, yet she KNEW that if she didn’t have an ongoing Marketing flow, she was always going to feel FRUSTRATED.

Since we began working together she shared with me that her revenue has grown 70% compared to last year and she now spends MORE time with her two boys than she ever did!

HOW did we do this? Simple. We set her up with ongoing three phases:



  • How to set your system up correctly, so you don’t waste a cent when you turn on traffic.
  • Launch



  • This will ensure that you have a constant flow of leads coming in to maximize your budget and not waste it
  • Run campaigns that consistently win



  • Make sure the ads perform consistently without sudden drop-off in profitability
  • Fix any technical issues that will happen AND fix any campaigns that fatigue, they all fatigue

We continue to handle all aspects of her Social Media Ad Campaigns so she can solely focus on caring for her patients.

Then there are Doctors like Dr. Brian (his video testimonial is also under the “Client Video Testimonials” tab) who want to learn how to implement all of these campaigns on his own.

When he first came to us, he wasn’t sure he would see ANY return on investment (ROi) because of the demographics that surrounded his office.

Dr. Brian works 20 hours/week in his practice, the town he is located in has a population of 5,000 people, and the Median Income there is $45k…

Needless to say, Dr. Brian was HESITANT to get things going, but he took a chance and he was HAPPY he did…

In 2.5 weeks of guiding him to build his own campaigns, run them, and track them on his own, he brought in $7k….

Do you think he was HAPPY?

Would you rather have us run Social Media Ad Campaigns for you or teach you how to run and monitor it all?

Send us a message.