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Looking for more exposure for your dental practice?

Struggling to ACCELERATE growth?

The answer for dentists who want to boost their customer acquisition and improve online reputation is digital dental marketing!

Bill Gates once said: If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” This applies to dentists too.

At iMarketing Made Simple, we’re a team of data-driven marketers and creative strategists dedicated to seeing our clients grow as fast as you’d say “SMILE.” 

We help dentists implement effective online marketing campaigns, bring in new patients, improve retention, expand their dental practices.

At iMarketing Made Simple

There are plenty of patients out there ready to trust YOU with their oral health. 

You just need to give them the BEST chance to find you.

Why a Digital Marketing Partner

Why a Digital Marketing Partner
Will Be a Game-Changer

With so many dentists in operation today, selecting THE ONE is difficult for most people. They want someone who genuinely cares about their health and provides a personalized approach. 

That’s why, when it’s time to search for local dental services, most patients turn to Google for information. They read reviews, engage in forums, and browse through search results. 

Without a solid digital presence, it will be hard for you to GET NOTICED.

So if patients are not calling you, it’s because they 
probably don’t know about you, or don’t realize that you:

  • Offer the services they need
  • Can create a new look for their smile
  • Will help them regain confidence
  • Have a proven reputation

In other words…you can make their lives better!

Partner With Experienced Marketers

For consistent growth, hiring an agency with proven digital marketing experience with dentist practices will help you reap the rewards of a high-quality strategy FAST without the overwhelm of trying to do everything by yourself. 

A sound digital marketing campaign for dentists includes website optimization, social media knowledge, engaging content, and well-targeted ads.

Our experienced marketers will focus on building your brand and helping you acquire new patients through:

  • Search Engine Optimization – Dental SEO helps you earn visibility for the relevant terms your target audience is searching for.
  • Content Marketing – Blog posts, infographics, and video content for your website. 
  • Social Media Marketing – We’ll leverage the power of social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube to engage and influence your potential patients.
  • Google Ads – Dental paid advertising helps you scale patient volume cost-effectively. 
  • Remarketing – Tailored ads aimed to bring back those who have shown interest in your services.
  • Text Message Marketing – Reach your audience right where they are…their phones!

How We’ll Help You Grow

From paid advertising on Google and Facebook to content marketing, website optimization, and email marketing, we will increase awareness about your practice and sell your services to potential new patients.

Here are just a few of the services guaranteed to help you attract new patients and keep loyal ones coming back:

Valuable Content

using google advertising

Reach your target audience with content that increases your authority and spreads the word about the benefits of dental care.

Proven Google Ads Strategies

If you are looking for immediate results, Google Ads will be your BOOSTERS.

Great ads are an effective way to speed up traffic and drive good-fit patients towards your practice.

Smart Social Media Marketing Tactics

4.4 billion people use social media platforms, so being present on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn is a must in modern digital marketing.

Part of our digital marketing services for dentists is to develop a social media marketing strategy that will connect you with the patients that need you the most.

Great SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) increases your visibility in Google’s search results and ensures your patients find you for dental-related searches.

Ready To Get Started?

If you are ready to be found online, iMarketing Made Simple can take your dental practice to the next level. 

Get in touch with us today, and take the first step towards a THRIVING dental practice. It’s 100% possible — we promise! 

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