Have Too Many SLOW days And not enough customers?


Most Small Business Owners have it all WRONG when it comes to their marketing…


They focus on looks, AKA: A FANCY & COLORFUL Website… They focus on “Word of Mouth” marketing…They focus on Yelp advertising… 

Your website should ONLY focus on:

  • Converting Sales from Social Media & your Website 
  • Retaining those customers
  • Lowering Overhead costs
  • Making Profits…

Lili Serrano is the Principal at Sales Made Simpler, a Silicon Valley based  Restaurant Consulting group that specializes in bringing down overhead costs, increasing sales, and profit for successful businesses (over the 2 yr  mark).

Lili grew up in the Restaurant industry (within her mom’s catering business) and through her seven years of Sales & Marketing experience has helped hundreds increase their revenue immediately by implementing her SIMPLE strategies.

While other agencies focus on FANCY sites, traditional marketing, and Yelp Ads, Sales Made Simpler focuses on driving Overhead Costs LOW, sales, and profits.

We do this by providing Small Business Owners with the following services:

  • Website redesign and to generate sales conversions
  • Customized email & social media marketing campaign
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Content creation and marketing

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