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Most Chiropractors have it all WRONG when it comes to attracting customers…

They focus on looks (a FANCY & COLORFUL Website)… They focus on traditional Referral or “Word of Mouth” marketing…They focus on making their location PRETTY… 

Your Practice should ONLY focus on:

  • Increasing traffic
  • Converting that traffic
  • Retaining patients 
  • Making Profit (Day In & Day Out)…

liliserranoAt iMarketing Made Simple, Lili Serrano and her team, specialize on increasing traffic and converting those into “HOT” leads for profit for practices who want to stand out and THRIVE.  Through EFFECTIVE online strategies, their focus is to ensure you get results.  Whether you’re new or a seasoned Chiropractor, Lili’s proven strategies and systems will keep your business automated and busy, quickly.  

Lili, grew up in a family of Local Business Owners and understands the pain to get and keep customers day in and day out.  Her Sales & Marketing experience, has helped hundreds increase their revenue immediately by implementing her SIMPLE and proven strategies.

We provide Practices with:

  • Customized online advertising campaigns
  • Targeting
  • Content creation 
  • Automated Email sequences
  • Landing Pages
  • Retargeting Ads
  • Email Marketing

This is what it is like to work with Lili:

“In one week, Lili brought in for me 24 leads, 7 of which became patients, 2 of them referred other patients to me, as well.  The lifetime value of those patients is between $6,000 – $7,000 in revenue.  She did that in about one week.  Working with Lili was very simple she was very responsive to me the whole time and gave me tips and pointers on following up with my leads and how to get people into the office and turn them into patients.  I find Lili really easy to work with and I highly recommend her. “

–Dr. William McEvoy, DC, Newington, CT

Are You Ready To Get more patients!?